Below are the services we offer as a full-service contract manufacture:

Procurement & Design for MFG

Procurement & Design For Manufacturing (DFM) involves sourcing high-quality materials and components, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of healthcare standards. Our team of engineers collaborates closely with suppliers to optimize designs for efficient, cost-effective manufacturing while maintaining product integrity and compliance.

Sub-Assembly, Part Processing, & Kitting

In the Sub-Assembly, Part Processing, & Kitting phase, individual components undergo precise machining, molding, and finishing processes to meet exact specifications. These parts are then meticulously organized into kits, ready for streamlined assembly, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the final product build.

Component Assembly

Component Assembly is the meticulous process of integrating individual parts into a cohesive, functional unit. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced techniques and equipment to ensure each assembly meets rigorous quality standards and operates flawlessly in its intended healthcare application.

Test and Verify

The Test and Verify stage involves rigorous testing protocols to ensure each assembled product meets all functional and safety requirements. We conduct comprehensive tests, verifying that every product is reliable, safe, and ready for use in critical healthcare environments.

Package & Prep for Sterilization

During the Package & Prep for Sterilization phase, products are carefully packaged to maintain sterility and protect them during transportation. This stage includes preparing items for sterilization processes, ensuring they meet all regulatory standards for safe and effective use in medical settings.

Warehouse & Fulfilment

Warehouse & Fulfillment encompasses the efficient storage and distribution of finished products. Our tracks and ensures timely delivery, maintaining the integrity and quality of healthcare products from our warehouse to their final destination.