Negative Pressure Wound Case

In the early development of Innovative Therapies, Inc. wound treatment systems, HPC MedX delivered over 12,000 negative pressure wound care devices over a four-year period.

HPC MedX was a trusted partner having a deep understanding of the design and application of the device. Through the team’s interaction with the client founders and engineers, HPC MedX was able to go beyond just routine assembly to create value in Design For Manufacturability and suggest additive component designs.

All-In-One Contract Provider

HPC MedX relationship began with loading the BOM and handling all procurement of parts and subassemblies and culminated with post-market service and refurbishment. All parts, such as the housing, wire harness, PCB boards, tubing and packaging were purchased and brought in Just-In-Time to support the contracted production rates. The complete product assembly was made up of 4 core sub-assemblies which had various documented Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to handle cutting tubing, mating parts with adhesives, mounting PCBs, soldering wire connections, pressing-fitting parts and connections, and final packaging.


A core competency of HPC MedX, due to our heritage beginnings in logos, is badging parts and products with pad printing, screen printing, and various labeling techniques. This value-add process best displays the client’s logo and use directions on the device. This project utilized various labels on the product and packaging for function and design.

Quality Testing

Throughout the build process and prior to certification as complete, the product was routinely monitored for quality assurance in every unit. These documented quality tests included visual check, fitting verification tests, electrical input response, button functionality and indicator illumination. Prior to shipment, each unit was verified to design specifications for operation using a vacuum gauge to insure performance. Destructive testing, such as pull and torque tests on the main assembly verified field usable and seal integrity.

Warehousing and Distribution

HPC MedX was contracted as the fulfillment partner, receiving and storing both sterile and non-sterile product in our humidity and temperature-controlled warehouse. The team processed truckloads of ancillary components and the core device. Client Orders were received and filled daily and shipped to hospitals around the globe.

Service and Refurbishment

Having assembly and product expertise, HPC MedX also served as the after-market service partner. The device had a stated viable shelf-life of limited use-hours. Units past their stated shelf-life would be returned by hospital to HPC MedX who would administer a list of standard inspections and checks to status the device. Each device underwent routine maintenance activities such as replacing filters and batteries; to more extensive fixes on componentry. Some devices were taken out of service. All this information was provided back to the client to improve future designs.